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Post on June 12th, 2015

Fast electricity connection in SA and Adelaide

The South Australian electricity market is a completely deregulated market, giving power companies the ability to charge you any electricity prices they like. There are seven electricity and four gas suppliers for service in SA to choose from. Meaning that if you are looking for an electricity connection in SA for your new home or business, then you must do your research!

Unfortunately, South Australian’s have some of the highest electricity costs in the country.

Average cost of electricity

There’s the potential for huge savings, but if you haven’t taken the time look around and find a better electricity supplier then you are probably paying too much. The AEMC in 2018 reported that the average user changing from their standing offer to the cheapest market offer can save $832 per year on their electricity in South Australia (that’s compared with $365 in New South Wales, $504 in Southeast Queensland, $574 in Victoria, and $273 in the ACT). Clearly, South Australian customers can find some huge savings on their electricity bills if they compare and switch to a better deal.

The good news is that Electricity Wizard is here to help you navigate through all the rates, fees, charges, terms and conditions, so you can compare, select, and save on your energy bills. Our expert comparison service will save you time and result in huge savings on your yearly energy bills.

How quickly can your power and gas be connected in SA?

The South Australia market has only one electricity distribution network:

SA Power Networks is the owner of all the poles, wires, and meters and is responsible for fixing any electricity faults and connecting new homes to the power grid. Typically, SA Power Networks require at least 1-2 business days to provide a power connection at a nominal cost. However, if you have an urgent power connection requirement, a same day fuel injection is possible at a higher cost.

Electricity and gas connection fees for SA and Adelaide

The fees for an electricity connection in South Australia will depend on three factors:

  1. The timeframe you have allocated to move in.
  2. The distributor that looks after the meters in your area.
  3. The type of connection. (i.e. Is there a meter currently there, or has it been removed?)

To learn more about how much your electricity connection in SA will cost, call the Move In department of ElectricityWizard on 1300 359 779 and speak with an energy consultant today. They will explain all the specific fees and charges to get your power connected and find you the most suitable option.

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Cooling off period for connection: can I change my mind?

In South Australia, the legal timeframe required to be given if you change your mind when moving home or business is five business days, during which you may cancel any agreements at no cost to you. We advise you to select the right supplier upfront as it will save you many headaches down the line.

Selecting the best supplier for your electricity connection in SA

With so many suppliers now available in South Australia’s electricity market today, it might seem like a mammoth task to go through all the plans available to find one that suits your needs. But you need not worry—below is a list of a number of things you can look at that will give you a pretty good indication of whether your supplier will provide you with a plan that’s going to benefit you for the long term. To select the energy supplier that best meets your needs in Adelaide and South Australia, there are a few factors that we think you should look at.


Your usage rates and your supply charge fall into this category, as does the tariff you will be on. Your supply charge is the fee you get charged for having electricity supplied to your home or business. Your tariff is essentially the way that you get charged for your electricity.

There are a few general types of tariffs your plan will fall under, each of which will change your charges. The most common ones are:

  • Single rate tariff – The single rate tariff is just what it sounds like, one flat rate that your energy use is charged at, regardless of the time you use it. In some circumstances a single rate tariff can be lower than other tariffs, which is beneficial if you use the bulk of your electricity during peak times.
  • Time of use tariff – A time of use tariff means that your electricity will be charged at different rates depending on the time of day. This means you might get charged more during peak electricity use hours (check with your supplier to see when these are), less during off-peak hours (usually overnight), or a middling amount during the shoulder time. The “shoulder” period occurs in between the peak and off-peak, and is usually slightly less than peak.
  • Controlled load tariff – Some appliances which you have in your home are charged their own separate tariff, called a controlled load tariff. These are generally bigger, higher-draw appliances like electric hot water systems, pool pumps, and underfloor heating systems. A controlled load tariff only applies to the one appliance, which will generally have its own meter, and is usually lower than other tariffs.

Type of plan

For the most part there will be two general types of electricity plans you’ll find: variable rate plans and fixed rate plans. The majority of plans you’ll look at are variable plans, which means that the usage rate you get charged can go up or down, depending on wholesale energy prices, or at the supplier’s discretion.

A fixed rate plan means you’re locked in to one usage rate for the term of your contract, so it will always remain the same. Fixed rate plans are usually only offered by the larger power companies, so you may not see these types of plans as often as you’d like. However, they can be beneficial as they’ll give you peace of mind that your rate won’t change on you unexpectedly, meaning you get a better way to manage your energy costs.


As a way to be seen as offering a better deal, many suppliers offer a number of discounts on their rates or plans. It may be for the simple act of paying your bill on time, every time; or even for things like setting up direct debit for your billing, or opting to switch to email correspondence. This is usually measured in the form of a percentage or credit to your bill.

So check with your supplier about what discounts they offer. But be sure to determine what portion of your bill it’s for, and the length of the discount. Depending on your circumstances, a flat discount rate may work out better than a monetary discount applied to your bill—and a discount that covers the entire term of your contract is always better than one that doesn’t.


With the current state of rising utility costs, you want to be sure that your supplier will actually help you save money, when compared to your existing plan. Make sure that your supplier provides you with a cap on rate rises. If not, avoid them at all costs.

Contract length

An electricity plan is a long-term relationship, so make sure you’re not locking yourself into anything you’ll regret. Check to see how long you’re required to stay with your supplier. You might like to compare suppliers and rates every 12 or so months (which we recommend you do), so you want to make sure they aren’t likely to charge any fees for leaving your contract early.

Exit fees/Moving home fees

While you can plan for the future, you can’t base where you live on your electricity plan. To give you more freedom, check to see if your supplier will charge you an exit fee for if you move home or business have to change suppliers—or even if you find a better deal and want to make the switch.

Matching rates

With the number of suppliers active in the electricity market today, this gives you a competitive edge, and a lot of companies these days are willing to match, or even beat, rates set by competing companies. So ask the question when you’re looking around and comparing suppliers. This gives you the opportunity to find a supplier that you prefer, and get a better rate at the same time.

It might all sound like a lot to take in, but the good news is that Electricity Wizard is here to help you. We’ll look at all these factors for you, and answer all questions quickly and easily. We are here so that you can just get on with your move confident you have your hands on a great deal, and can think about more important things.

Our process for getting power connected

1. Contact Electricity Wizard on 1300 359 779 and press option 3 to connect to the Move In department.

2. We will help you find an electricity supplier from our preferred list that best meets your needs and offers you the lowest rates along with the best terms and conditions.

3. We will then arrange all of your details to be passed through to your chosen retailer to have the power connected on your chosen date.

4. Be prepared that you might have to be present for a visual inspection at your new home or business when the distributor comes to connect your meter.

5. Sit back, relax, and everything will be taken care of.


Connect my power in South Australia!

Call the Moving Homes department on 1300 359 779 to speak to one of our moving homes specialists, who will help you find the best deal for your new home and arrange for your electricity and gas to be connected as soon as possible.

Electricity Wizard can help you find your suitable electricity supplier and connect your power to ensure that you get not only a good deal today but secure a plan that will meet your needs for the next two years.

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