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Post on June 12th, 2015

Are You Getting the Best Deal on your Electricity in Melbourne?

If you haven’t shopped around and compared prices, the odds are that you’re probably paying far too much on your quarterly electricity bills. If you’re looking for cheap electricity in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. Electricity Wizard‘s accurate and up-to-date database of electricity companies, plans, and prices will help you to quickly and conveniently compare electricity offers in Melbourne.

To take advantage of Electricity Wizard‘s completely free electricity comparison service and to find the cheapest electricity in Melbourne, simply click the link below and enter your information or just call us on 1300 359 779. One of our expert customer service representatives will be happy to provide you with a free, accurate quote that compares your current rates with the most competitive market offers. We’ll find you discount electricity rates in Melbourne in under 5 minutes!

Fight Rising Power Prices to Get Cheap Electricity in Melbourne

Have you compared the price of electricity in Melbourne lately? We have. While the average yearly cost of electricity varies throughout Australia, the AEMC’s 2018 Retail Energy Competition Review found that the average household in Victoria would save almost $600 a year if they switched from the average standing offer to the cheapest market offer. There’s no reason to pay more than you need to for your electricity. Switching to a competitive market rate or converting to solar has the potential to save you hundreds.

Understanding how the electricity market works in Victoria is a great first step towards reducing your power bill. Find out which electricity retailers operate in your area of Melbourne. Once you know which companies you can choose from, it’s time to start comparing different plans. It’s important to find a plan that has the features you need such as a solar feed-in tariff, or pay-on-time bonus. You’ll want to know what a good price for electricity is in Melbourne as well as the average bill in your area.

Electricity Wizard can take the stress out of comparing prices in Melbourne and switching electricity companies. We know which retailers provide electricity in each region and have a database full of price comparisons and special offers. Phone or request a convenient call back and we’ll find you the cheapest electricity rates. We’ll even take care of cancelling your old contract and switch you over to the best electricity company to suit your needs. You don’t have to do a thing except call and chat to our energy experts.

If you’re moving home or looking at a new electricity connection in Melbourne, Electricity Wizard can help with that too. We can do all the hard work and get you connected to the best electricity company in your new area.

How does Electricity Wizard’s electricity comparison work?

Electricity Wizard is an expert energy broker. We will save you time and money with our comparison service. We rely on our established relationships with local energy suppliers throughout the east coast of Australia to compare electricity prices, bundled plans, payment options, terms and conditions, discounts or rebates, green energy options, bonus offers, and more. We stay up to date with changes in the Victorian energy market, new plans, and negotiated discounts so we can let you know about the cheapest prices in Melbourne. In one fast phone call, we’ll find lower power prices and the best electricity plans available in your area.

Most importantly, our service is absolutely free and available at no obligation to you. The only way to guarantee that you’re paying a fair price on your next electricity bill is to give us a quick call. We work hard to help you find the lowest rates available on the market today!

Get a Better Deal on Your Electricity Bills

At Electricity Wizard, we’ll compare electricity plans and help you switch so you can start saving money. When you call us, we’ll compare your rates and plans against leading energy suppliers available in your area and help you select the best electricity plan for your needs. We are here to help you cut down costs and meet any other criteria you may have. Best of all, our service is completely free – so what do you have to lose? Try us today! Call Electricity Wizard now on 1300 359 779 or fill out your details below to have one of our comparison specialists help you get a better deal.

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