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Business Electricity Comparison

Post on June 12th, 2015

Small to large businesses can manage monthly operating costs by making quarterly electricity prices as affordable as possible. If you’re ready to potentially save big on annual energy, you can start out with a free, easy electricity business comparison.

Business customers can contact ElectricityWizard directly at 1300 359 779 or fill out the form below for more information. ElectricityWizard has already helped more than 165,000 customers to compare rates.

Remember, our service is absolutely free and available at no obligation to you. In less than 5 minutes, you could make expensive power prices more affordable to keep monthly operating costs to a minimum!

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Cut Down Costly Power Bills with an Electricity Business Comparison

As most business customers have likely noticed by now, quarterly electricity rates are becoming costlier and costlier. One reason behind this fluctuation in the energy marketplace is the introduction of the federal carbon tax in July 2012.

Although small to medium business customers aren’t being taxed directly, they will feel the effects of the carbon price as larger businesses raise their rates in order to compensate. One prime example is energy price increases state to state from electricity retailers who have raised their rates to pay for additional expenses related to the carbon tax.

According to Smart Company, there are several proactive measures that business energy customers can take to keep power bills affordable:

  1. Renegotiate a business energy contract. Businesses have the right to question the rates that they are paying on quarterly electricity bills. Business energy customers can start out with an electricity business comparison from ElectricityWizard to ensure that they are paying competitive rates available in their area. This is one quick way to potentially lower power prices by dramatic amounts each year.
  2. Consider moving office locations. Although this is a major change for any business, a small to medium-sized corporation could save serious money by moving to a newer, more energy-efficient office building. A building that is well-insulated with energy-efficient appliances can help to keep pricy power bills to a minimum.
  3. Make company policies more energy-efficient. When staff members begin to work together to conserve energy, it can lower quarterly electricity bills significantly. A company can change their policies to require employees to turn off appliances after use and only use heating and cooling units during extreme hot or cold temperatures.

For businesses looking to save on energy, start out with a quick electricity business comparison to see if big cost reductions are available for you.

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