Important Points to Check When In Search Of Eco-Friendly Electricity Providers in Brisbane


Important Points to Check When In Search Of Eco-Friendly Electricity Providers in Brisbane


“Green is in” even in the world of energy retailers.


Renewable energy is a key contributor to reducing carbon pollution. Australia aims to reduce its emissions by 26 to 28 % below 2005 levels by the year 2030. As the energy sector makes up the largest proportion and biggest growth of greenhouse gas emissions created by people, choosing electricity providers with sustainable energy resources will bring positive changes.


But how can you be sure that your provider is an eco-friendly energy supplier? Here’s an article that highlights the important points you need to check when choosing eco-friendly electricity providers in Brisbane and other territories in Australia.


Key points to choosing eco-friendly electricity providers


Key points to choosing eco-friendly electricity providers


Company initiatives

There are lots of energy retailers who may claim to be eco-friendly but it’s up to you to validate by learning more about them. Some of the things that you have to take note of include:

    •   Are they associated with green companies? Eco-friendly companies will invest in renewable energy assets or partner with companies that promote solar or wind farms, hydroelectricity plants, and others.

    •   Do they have green energy products? Eco-friendly electricity providers will offer products that can encourage their customers to choose sustainable measures.

    •   Does the company support renewable energy advocacies? Know the energy company’s position regarding sustainability and the use of renewable energy in the future and see to it that it reflects on their initiatives.


Industry standings

Eco-friendly energy providers that support renewable and sustainable measures are identified based on various factors. Australian consumers can also access independent rankings of energy retailers based on relevant criteria. This will allow those in search of eco-friendly electricity providers to find companies that are taking positive steps to support renewable and sustainable solutions.

For instance, the Green Electricity Guide rank companies based on:

      •   Carbon emissions

      •   Carbon offset products

      •   Support for energy sector decarbonisation

      •   Support for local energy projects and renewable energy

      •   Fossil fuel policy and investment

      •   Energy efficiency and demand response

      •   Corporate sustainability, responsibility and transparency

The Green Energy Guide included Origin Energy, Momentum Energy, Lumo Energy, and Powerdirect among the top-ranking electricity suppliers in Australia.


Energy sources

Eco-friendly electricity providers will step up by providing options that can effectively reduce carbon footprint. Some retailers provide carbon-neutral plans by offsetting carbon emissions from your home’s energy usage and purchasing emission reduction certificates from groups that are certified to support projects that promote emission reduction. 

OVO Energy, Origin Energy and AGL Energy are among the companies that support carbon-neutral power. 




Reasons to choose eco-friendly electricity providers

There are obvious benefits that make eco-friendly energy providers the better alternative for those in search of electricity providers in Brisbane.

Environmental support

These energy companies support the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimising the impact on Australian households, helping preserve natural assets for future generations.


Eco-friendly electricity providers offer sustainable living. aside from the generation of renewable energy, they also promote a reduction in the overall cost of living in Australia.

Feed-in tariffs

Users of renewable and sustainable energy may be eligible to receive payments from state or territory government as you contribute to feeding surplus energy back into the grid provided that consumers can meet certain criteria set out by their electricity providers. The amount that will be received varies depending on location and provider.


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