Different types of solar rebates in Australia that can benefit you


Different types of solar rebates in Australia that can benefit you


Electricity and gas energy remain the top choices among Australians; however, more residents in Australia have started to use solar energy, including those in densely populated urban areas. Based on recent data, over two million households or around 20% of homes in Australia have already installed a rooftop solar power system.  


Others may still be discouraged to try this renewable energy because of its upfront costs, but the benefits that come with it shouldn’t be overlooked. Did you know that aside from sustainability, there are financial benefits that also come with solar power installation? Aside from the savings from your energy bills and the surplus power that you can sell, there are solar rebates and incentives in Australia that you can access. 


Types of solar rebates and incentives


Types of solar rebates and incentives


Federal government scheme

The federal government scheme is also known as the small-scale renewable energy scheme. In this type of scheme, the small-scale technology certificates (or STCs) generated for each kilowatt of panel you install may be sold for about $30. The process is usually managed by the solar installer, so you don’t have to worry about personally selling STCs to electricity retailers.

This scheme will only be available until 2030 and you should note that the value of STCs declines by 7% at the start of each year.


State government solar rebates

Different solar rebates are offered across the states of Australia. Here’s a summary of solar rebates depending on each state and territory.



NSW introduced their Empowering Homes Program in the Hunter region. It is a scheme that will grant eligible NSW residents interest-free loans for solar battery systems. To be eligible, you should be an owner-occupier with an annual household income of up to $180,000.



In Victoria, households may use a rebate of up to $1,850 for the cost to install solar PV panels through the Solar Homes Program. Eligible residents can also claim an interest-free loan equivalent to the rebate amount until 30 June 2021.



Pensioners in the ACT may utilise a solar panel incentive through the ACT Government. The rebate amount is up to 50% off a solar power system for eligible households. An interest-free loan may also be chosen to pay back the remaining expenses over a three-year span with no deposit required.



Currently, solar rebate schemes in this state have already closed.


South Australia

In South Australia, residents can make use of the South Australia Home Battery Scheme. This program is available to homeowners with existing solar PV systems and those who are interested in adding solar battery storage to their homes. It involves a 3-step subsidy with $3,000 as the maximum available amount for every battery installation.

Here’s a breakdown of the amount that may be used through the SA home battery scheme:

    •    Energy concession holder—$300 per kW

    •    All other households—$200 per kW

    •    Maximum subsidy per battery installation—$3,000


Top energy providers in Australia

While these steps to finding more sustainable ways to power up homes are gaining more support, there are still other options for those who are not yet ready to make a complete switch to solar. You can also find energy providers that can assist you with the transition.


There are energy providers in Australia that sell electricity, natural gas, and solar power to consumers at competitive prices. You can also look into sustainable energy providers that support the use of hydro, wind and solar for their renewable generators.


The step towards sustainability is a must in order to stop climate change. By finding options that offer flexibility, affordability and sustainability at the same time, you’ll find it easier to make the switch. 


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