Is Integral Energy the best choice?

Until recently, Integral Energy was operating as both a retailer and distributor of power. The distribution side of the company was set up to provide power to the Western Sydney and Illawarra regions of NSW.

This side of Integral’s business has recently been renamed and is now known as Endeavour Energy. Supply services and distribution areas remain the same. Endeavour Energy’s network spans 24,500 square kilometres and owns over 300,000 power poles across the state. Endeavour Energy is owned by the NSW Government.

The retail side of Integral Energy was purchased by Origin Energy on 1st March 2011. Unless customers have chosen otherwise, all retail customers of Integral Energy are now customers of Origin Energy, the largest retailer of power in Australia. As a result, Integral Energy is no longer accepting new customers, and those in current contracts will remain on Integral Energy plans until contract expiration.

The Integral Energy electricity distribution network in New South Wales will continue to be owned and operated by the current service provider, Endeavour Energy, which is owned by the NSW State Government.

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To find out more about this retailer, you can visit Customers can also call 131 002 for residential service or 1300 136 335 for business service from 8 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday and 8 AM to 1 PM on Saturdays.

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