Electricity Connection: SA & Adelaide

Fast Residential or Business Electricity Connection in South Australia and Adelaide

If you are looking to connect your new home or business in SA, then you must do your research! The South Australian electricity market is a completely deregulated market, giving power companies the ability to charge you any electricity prices they like.

As a consumer, you will have the choice between seven electricity and four gas suppliers for service. To navigate through all the rates, fees, charges, terms, and conditions, ElectricityWizard is here to help you compare, select, and save on your energy bills.

To connect your electricity, call ElectricityWizard on 1300359779 to speak to one of our moving homes specialists today.

How Quickly Can Your Power and Gas Be Connected in SA?

The South Australia electricity market is broken up into one distribution zone:

  • ETSA

ETSA (also known as the Electricity Trust of South Australia) owns all the poles, wires, and meters and is responsible for fixing any electricity faults and connecting new homes to the power grid. Typically, ETSA requires at least 1-2 business days to provide a power connection at a nominal cost. However, if you have an urgent power connection requirement, a same day fuel injection is possible at a higher cost.

To determine how quickly your power can be connected, call ElectricityWizard on 1300359779, and we’ll arrange for your electricity and gas to be connected as soon as possible.

Process for Getting Power Connected

  1. Contact ElectricityWizard on 1300359779 and press option 3 to connect to the move in department.
  2. We will help you find an electricity supplier from our preferred list that best meets your needs and offers you suitable rates and terms and conditions.
  3. We will then arrange all of your details to be passed through to your chosen retailer to have the power connected on your chosen date.
  4. Be prepared that you might have to be present for a visual inspection at your new home or business when the distributor comes to connect your meter.
  5. Sit back, relax, and everything will be taken care of.

Electricity and Gas Connection Fees for South Australia and Adelaide

The fees for an electricity connection in South Australia will depend on three factors:

  1. The timeframe you have allocated to move in.
  2. The distributor that looks after the meters in your area.
  3. The type of connection. (i.e. Is there a meter currently there, or has it been removed?)

To learn more about how much your power connection will cost, call the move in department of ElectricityWizard on 1300359779 and speak with an energy consultant today. They will explain all the specific fees and charges to get your power connected and find you the most suitable option.

Cooling Off Period for Connection: Can I Change My Mind?

In South Australia, the legal timeframe required to be given if you change your mind when moving home or business is five business days, during which you may cancel any agreements at no cost to you. We advise you to select the right supplier upfront as it will save you many headaches down the line.

Selecting the Best Electricity Supplier for Your Electricity Connection in SA

To select the energy supplier that best meets your needs in SA and Adelaide, you need to look at multiple factors:

  1. Rates: Your usage rates and your supply charge fall into this category.

  2. Discounts: This is usually measured in the form of a percentage or credit to your bill.

  3. Protection: Will the supplier provide you with a cap on rate rises? If not, avoid them at all costs.

  4. Contract Length: How long are you required to stay with a supplier?

  5. Exit Fees/Moving Homes Fees: Will you be charged an exit fee if a better deal comes along, or if you move homes?

The good news is that ElectricityWizard is here to help you answer these questions quickly and easily so that you can get on with your move and think about more important things.

Connect My Power in South Australia!

Call the moving homes department on 1300359779 now to find the best deal for your new home.

ElectricityWizard can help you find your suitable electricity supplier and connect your power to ensure that you get not only a good deal today but secure a plan that will meet your needs for the next two years.

**ElectricityWizard works with preferred suppliers, as do most brokers. For this reason, we cannot guarantee to find you the best or cheapest rate as market conditions change regularly, but we will give you a fair comparison between competitive suppliers we work with in your area to help you get a better deal on your electricity bill or gas bill.

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