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What you need to know about electricity rebates in Queensland 


If you are a resident in Australia, you may find it challenging to manage your energy bills. There may be times where you feel it is near impossible to manage. However, there are a few Government electricity rebates available in different states and territories that can help reduce your energy costs. If you are currently living in Queensland, here is a quick guide that shares some useful facts about how your household could qualify for electricity rebates in QLD.


Guide to electricity rebates in Queensland


Guide to electricity rebates in Queensland


1. Do your research

Knowing the available electricity rebates will help you evaluate and identify the right scheme for you. If you do your research, you will find out that four energy rebates are available for electricity customers in Queensland, namely:


Electricity and gas rebate

Residents may apply for this electricity rebate in Queensland, which intends to help low-income households. Once approved, this energy rebate will cover a portion of their electricity and gas bills.

Households applying for this rebate should do so through their energy retailer in Queensland*. Those who qualify will get automatic deductions from their electricity or gas bills.

*Note: those who use an Ergon card-operated meter should submit their application to the Ergon Energy Queensland website.


Home energy emergency assistance scheme

Is your family going through extreme financial difficulties? People who go through financial hardship may no longer be able to pay their energy bills. The home energy emergency assistance scheme is just one of the electricity rebates in Australia. The assistance scheme can provide a one-off emergency payment for your bills and provide the breathing room you need at this point.

To apply, get in touch with your energy retailer in Queensland. Your energy retailer will be responsible for starting the application process. To be eligible, you must be on a financial hardship plan with your energy retailer before applying to be qualified for this electricity rebate in Queensland.


Electricity life support concession 

Do you have a family member who is seriously ill and relies on electricity-powered life support? The machines used by your family members such as a kidney dialysis machine or oxygen concentrator may qualify you for this subsidy, provided that the equipment is supplied by the Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) or Queensland Health and meets the other relevant requirements. 


Medical cooling and heating electricity concession scheme

Households with members who suffer from chronic medical conditions that require the use of cooling and heating equipment may apply for this type of rebate. This rebate intends to prevent the worsening of chronic diseases, such as autonomic system dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, severe burns, or serious inflammatory skin conditions.


2. Know your eligibility

There are eligibility criteria that applicants must meet to be qualified for the above-mentioned electricity rebates in Queensland. There are different types of information and concessions cards depending on the energy rebates you intend to apply for. These include:

      •   Queensland Seniors Card

      •   Pensioner Concession Card

      •   Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card 

Other forms of identification such as:

      •   proof of Centrelink 

      •   proof of inclusion in an energy retailer’s hardship plan

      •   proof of an income that is equal to or less than the Australian Government’s maximum income rate for part-age pensioners. 


3. Apply for the energy rebate that is suitable for you.

It is possible to find the financial assistance you need in order to survive a period of hardship with the availability of electricity rebates in Queensland that you might be eligible for. Process your application. Your electricity provider can help you with the process. 


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Other types of electricity rebates are available in other territories of Australia. Households just need to know their options and jumpstart the process to get the help they need in managing their energy bills.


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