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What you need to know about energy labels in Australia


Are you the type of customer who would first want to know the energy efficiency of appliances before purchasing? You must be familiar with energy labels in Australia.


The Energy Rating Label displays the data you need about the energy performance for equipment. This will give consumers an overview of its running costs and help them compare its energy efficiency to other models.


If you want to explore what energy labels in Australia are and how they work, this article shares some useful information that you need to know.


Your guide to energy rating labels


Your guide to energy rating labels


Australia’s Energy Rating Label is an initiative of the government. It uses stars to show the efficiency of an appliance. The more stars shown on an energy label, the more efficient the appliance is.


Why use energy labels in Australia as a reference


Promote environmental protection

Referring to energy labels guides you in choosing appliances with increased efficiency. As a result, you can do your part in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, pollutants and decrease water consumption.

Take advantage of economic benefits.

The benefits of energy-efficient appliances also impact the economy by lowering utility bills, creating jobs, and stabilising electricity prices.


Enjoy long-term utility system benefits.

Energy-efficient appliances help reduce overall electricity demand which lowers the need to invest in infrastructure for new electricity generation and transmission.


Diversify utility portfolios.

Energy rating labels also improve risk management. Promoting the energy efficiency labels helps to diversify utility resource portfolios. This can prevent effects that are usually caused by the fluctuation in fuel prices.


Understanding energy rating labels

The common ratings applied on energy rating labels are between 1 to 6 stars. However, with the advancements in technology, there are appliances that are designed to be more energy-efficient. Now the energy labels in Australia show an extra row of stars in which 10 stars is the highest rating.


Energy rating labels on common household appliances


Energy rating labels on air conditioners

For air conditioners, a new energy rating label has been introduced which is very different from the old energy labels in Australia. Also called the new Zoned Energy Rating Label, it displays an air conditioning system’s energy efficiency according to the three climate zones across Australia and New Zealand, or based on areas that are most relevant for consumers.


Energy rating labels on gas equipment

There is also a specific energy rating label for equipment such as gas heaters and gas water heaters. This is a part of the gas product certification of Australia and is based on the standard test in the country. The Gas Energy Rating Label uses a 6-star rating as a measurement of a product’s energy efficiency.


Energy rating labels on water equipment

Energy labels on gas equipment and the water rating label also uses a 6-star rating to indicate a product’s energy efficiency. The water rating labels can be found on appliances that are powered by both energy and water, such as washing machines and dishwashers. Water rating labels can also be found on water equipment related products such as taps, toilets, and showerheads. There are also appliances with this label that show water rate consumption including litres per wash, litres per flush, and flow rate.


Energy labels in Australia come with a lot of benefits. You will be able to compare a range of appliances with the same function so you can identify the most energy-efficient appliances. As you consume less energy, the benefits go on. Energy efficiency will have a huge impact on not only your savings, but also on environmental preservation. It is also one way to help create more jobs as demand for such kinds of equipment grows. 

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