How to reduce heating bills this winter


In winter, temperatures drop while energy bills soar. During these months, Australians tend to consume more energy in a bid to stay warm. Depending on where you live, your electricity consumption could increase up to $200 or more as compared to your bill in summer. Although drastic changes on your energy bill are expected, this doesn’t mean that you cannot reduce your heating bill this winter.


Energy bill prices in winter can be unpredictable. If you struggle in keeping your heating bill low, here are the steps that you can explore to use less energy and save on monthly costs.

7 tips to save money on your heating bill this winter

1. Fix air leaks.

Air leaks account for up to 30% or more of heating and cooling costs and is one of the leading contributors to energy waste at home. Excessive air leakage can rip off your budget. Don’t wait for your energy bills to rise this winter. Inspect for air leaks now and do the necessary fixes once you spot it. Check possible areas where air may escape such as holes and gaps in ceilings, doors, windows, outlets and lighting fixtures.


TIP: Do the candle test to check for air leaks. Hold the flame near windows. If it flickers, that could be a sign of air leak.

2. Set your heating.

Every degree over 20 degrees is estimated to increase your energy use by 10%. If you want to reduce your heating bill this winter, set your heating to 19%.

3. Close the room doors.

Closing the door when leaving a room will help reduce your heating bill. The principle is similar to turning the lights off when not in use. Keeping the door shut will preserve the remaining heat in the room and will not demand more from your HVAC system to produce warm air.

4. Bring the light in.

On days when the sun is out, let the light into your home. Open the blinds and windows. This is a traditional but effective way to keep your home warm. Once the dark starts to creep in, make sure that you cover the windows again to ensure that cold air won’t find its way in.


DID YOU KNOW: Around 30% heat loss occurs through the windows. Invest in thick curtains and shades to keep the warm air in and keep your heating bill low.

5. Turn down the thermostat.

Small changes matter and they can make a big difference in keeping your heating bill low. A drop of 7-10 degrees in your thermostat for at least 8 hours a day can result to as much as 10% in savings per year. Start with simple habits like turning down the thermostat when you expect to be out for the day.

6. Change filters.

Aircon filters are recommended to be changed every 3 months or 90 days. The location of your house, climate, presence of dust and pets, plus the age of your system are also factors to consider when changing filters. Aside from proper maintenance, doing so will help reduce your heating bill this winter and will even help you continue saving money in the long run.

7. Wear warm clothing.

The right winter clothes can keep you warm and will prevent you from being too dependent on your homes heating. With warm clothing, you will feel more comfortable indoors. You might be encouraged to do some chores too, like cooking or keeping your space tidy. Aside from the heat that will be produced in the kitchen, physical activity is also a good way to stay warm during winter.


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You don’t have to exhaust your budget and savings because of high energy bills if you can find ways to keep your home warm. A few simple tricks can help reduce your heating bill this winter and give you more reasons to enjoy the season.


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