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Power Saving – Compare Online and Save

Post on May 12th, 2020

As electricity prices rise throughout Australia, customers are urged to take power saving measures to cut down on ever-increasing energy bills. On top of that, you could take matters into your own hands and could make quarterly electricity bills potentially even more affordable with a quick electricity comparison available at no obligation to you!

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Use Handy Power Saving Tips for Cheaper Annual Energy

If you’re wondering what benefits you’ll receive from using power saving tips to conserve energy around the house, the answer is simple. By conserving energy, you’ll be able to control your quarterly electricity bills. Making small changes at home can help to put potentially hundreds of dollars wasted on unnecessary energy back into your bank account each year!

To paint a clearer picture, Switch On from the Victorian Government confirms that an average family of four can benefit from household savings like:

• Washing clothes in cold water can reduce power bills by $115 a year.

• Getting rid of a second refrigerator can save up to $140 per year.

• Switching off an electric clothes dryer and using a clothesline instead can save $63 per year.

• Switching gaming consoles off at the wall can cut down on the use of standby power to save roughly $150 per year.

On top of that, using power saving measures at home will not only benefit your bank account, but it will benefit the local community. In order to generate electricity to meet the growing demand in each state, major infrastructures are required to keep up with customer supply.

The maintenance costs alone for nationwide generators and power networks, including poles and wires, add up to millions of dollars a year for both building and renovation. As energy customers throughout Australia work together to become more energy efficient, it will reduce the country’s need for electricity. Each state can then use their existing power infrastructures effectively to service customers in local regions.

By using power saving measures at home, you can benefit your local community and keep electricity costs as low as possible. You can also take advantage of a free, easy electricity comparison to potentially save money on power bills in a matter of minutes!

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