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Post on June 16th, 2015

ElectricityWizard has already helped over 165,000 Australians to compare electricity and gas suppliers in their area. Do you just like them want to take advantage of any cheaper rates out there? We want to do the same for you!

When you call us directly at 1300 359 779 or fill out the form below for more information, you can use our absolutely free service to compare power a host of providers in Brisbane. In just moments of your time, one of our skilled customer service representatives will help you to compare apples to apples to potentially reduce costly utility bills.

It’s never been easier to save money on annual energy. Our service is absolutely free and available at no obligation to you, so what do you have to lose?

Potentially Save Big on Energy by Comparing Power Providers in Brisbane

For homeowners in Queensland, electricity is a necessity, a nonnegotiable part of life. It’s used to power homes and keep businesses throughout the state running productively.

But as the population in Queensland grows, so does the demand for energy. As a result, electricity retailers have incurred a number of costs to expand and upgrade electricity infrastructures in the state. This is one primary reason that electricity prices have continued to rise, based on regulations from the Independent Queensland Competition Authority.

For many customers on tight budgets, rising electricity rates are simply unacceptable. Customers who are no longer able to make ends meet may not be able to afford to keep their lights on as electricity prices become more expensive.

According to the Queensland Government, in times like these when it’s important for customers to know their rights. The Queensland Government has frozen the standard electricity tariff, tariff 11, for 12 months, beginning in July 2012.

However, a number of electricity retailers in the state continue to charge market customers above this regulated rate. Residential customers who feel that they are being charged unfairly have the legal right to revert back to regulated prices at the end of their contract term.

The Government froze the tariff to benefit residential customers who may no longer be able to afford electricity bills. Since then it is imperative that energy customers remain informed to ensure that they’re paying the most competitive rates available to keep energy bills manageable.

If you’re sick of paying too much on annual electricity, start out with an electricity comparison today. ElectricityWizard will help you to compare the offers of a litany of power providers in Brisbane. You could find your perfect energy partner and make the switch in minutes!

How to Compare Electricity Providers

ElectricityWizard allows you to quickly and conveniently compare electricity providers and plans in your area. One of our trained specialists can help you find an assortment of great available rates and options in your service region so that you can choose a better plan that meets your needs.

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