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SP Ausnet is an electricity distributor with a $6.3 billion electricity and gas network that provides service to over 1 million customers in Southeast Australia.

More specifically, SP Ausnet is responsible for managing three different energy networks in Victoria:

  1. Electricity transmission
  2. Electricity distribution
  3. Gas distribution

Within the SP Ausnet electricity transmission network, the company is responsible for transporting electricity from power stations to electricity distributors throughout Victoria. The network runs through 12,800 high voltage towers and 6500 km of transmission lines.

The SP Ausnet electricity distribution network transports electricity from the high voltage transmission network to 620,000 customers in eastern Victoria. This distribution network covers 46,000 km in a region of 80,000 (km)2.

SP Ausnet Future Growth

SP Ausnet publishes a quarterly magazine called ENERGISE as a means to keep customers, employees, and shareholders up to date with their future growth strategies. Since the population of the outer suburbs ofMelbourne is growing more rapidly than any other area of Australia, SP Ausnet has developed a growth strategy to meet this demand.

SP Ausnet has a 30 year development plan that focuses on two key strategies to cater to the growing north and southeast areas of Melbourne. Seven new zones and sub-stations, power lines, and supporting infrastructures will need to be developed to support the population boom in the Northern Corridor. The Southeast Corridor of Melbourne is expected to grow by 9% each year; SP Ausnet has built 5 out of 9 new zones and substations since 2003 to meet this demand.

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