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Electricity saving devices for homes that can help reduce your bill


The new year has already started but just like the previous year, many people are still stuck at home due to the pandemic. Whether you are working from home, or if you have a child who’s learning from home, you can expect that these activities will once again impact your energy bill. In addition to that is the usual household energy consumption that tends to increase with more people spending their time at home.

If you plan to ensure that you will do better in controlling the cost of energy this year, you can start by using smart devices that can help put your utility expenses in order. 


7 Smart devices that can lower your energy consumption


7 Smart devices that can lower your energy consumption


1. Smart bulbs

Saving on electricity should be simple and smart. Start with the basics such as the lights that you have at home.

Smart bulbs are easy to use. Basically, you only need to screw in the light bulb. It uses LED bulbs, which can reduce your usual consumption by up to 75 percent as compared to incandescent bulbs. They are also very efficient too, as they can last up to 25 times longer than ordinary bulbs.

With smart bulbs, lights are automatically turned off when not in use. They can also be dimmed so that they will function as needed, resulting in extra savings.


2. Smart thermostats

Heating and cooling systems are the biggest energy drainers in Australian homes. They use around 38% of the total electricity. Managing the use of your HVAC system properly will surely reduce your energy consumption.

With smart thermostats, you can take advantage of advanced features that can help improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. Some of these features include:

      •    Temperature thresholds that can be set based on what’s appropriate for the season.

      •    “Home and Away” features that automatically adjust temperature settings based on the location of your device


3. Smart glass and windows

Another electricity-saving device for the home that can help control temperature is a smart glass or smart window. Using a switch that adds a tint to the glass, it helps you control the amount of sunlight that enters your home. With this type of window, keeping your home cool or warm as the seasons change could be more energy-efficient, as it can potentially reduce your energy bill by more than $75 a year.


4. Smart plugs 

Another electricity-saving device that you should consider using is a smart plug. It works similar to the aforementioned smart lights. It has excellent features that will greatly reduce your energy consumption.

      •    Automatic on and off as scheduled

      •    Monitor energy consumption

      •    Bringing a plugged gadget or small appliance online

5. Solar-powered chargers

The sun’s energy is powerful enough to power up devices. Through solar-powered chargers, you can power up and recharge small and wireless devices including phones, laptops, GPS devices, and security cameras. The best thing about “natural” chargers is the savings that it can bring, as you will no longer rely on electricity from the grid to keep your devices charged.

6. Motion sensors

A perfect partner for your smart bulbs, motion sensors are also worth the investment if you are looking into managing your energy consumption and lowering your energy bill. Motion sensors are among the electricity-saving devices for homes that make energy-saving a lot easier. These devices basically turn lights on and off depending on the motion or the absence of it in a room.

7. Smart routers

As most people are now homebound, you probably have a need for routers for streaming, watching movies online, video conferences, online lessons, and more. To ensure that your energy consumption won’t increase that much, choose smart routers. This electricity-saving device can handle the load and even help you manage specific devices.


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During a pandemic and possibly in the years to come, working from home or learning from home would be a norm. While this could mean an increase in your electricity bill and could be an added burden, keep in mind that there are electricity-saving devices for the home that you can try to help manage your consumption. But while those devices could be very costly, you should also compare electricity providers in Australia to find providers that can offer you a better deal and the bigger savings.

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