How to make the most from the best electricity energy provider in NSW


How to make the most from the best electricity provider in NSW


Are you satisfied with your current electricity provider in NSW or do you think that you’re paying too much? Energy bills can take up a huge amount of your budget. It’s important to know how much you’re being charged by your current provider verses how other electricity providers charge their customers. Compare both prices to help your decision in choosing your electricity provider. 


Keep in mind, you should still consider staying with your current provider if you can make the most of the deals they have. Good negotiation skills can be to your advantage, but you also have to know the basic steps to make the most of your plan. Clueless? Below are some steps to guide you.


Steps to make the most out of your energy plan


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Start with the basics

Start with the basics—you may have heard this advice several times in your life, but it still applies if you want to get the best energy deals. Sometimes, simple steps like asking your electricity provider in NSW about deals they can offer can be to your benefit. Let them know that you are looking to get more from your plan. You might be surprised that there are great deals available to satisfy existing customers.


Do your research

Before calling your electricity provider in NSW, make sure that you have already done your research about current deals from other electricity providers in NSW. Share what others are offering so that they’ll get the impression that you’re ready to switch energy providers in NSW in case they fail to make a better offer.


Challenge your provider

You have to know the rates of other electricity providers in NSW before negotiating for a better deal. Compare energy plans so you can emphasise how much you can save if you’ll switch to another provider. Once you’re equipped with competitor rates and deals, challenge them to match the offer. While they may not be able to drop the energy rates in your contract, they may be able to present deals and discounts so that you can still make the most of your energy plan with them.


Maximise discounts

The rebates that you might be offered may have a period of validity. Ask about it. If possible, request that it is applied to your recent energy bill. You can also request an ongoing discount that won’t expire in a year or two.


You also have to ask about energy tariffs. There is flexible tariff pricing that some energy providers in NSW may not promote. Enquire about it to know if it would work for you.


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In Australia, the average cost of electricity varies from state to state. While NSW is among the states where electricity costs are lower, you still have to make sure that you’re getting the most benefits from your energy provider.


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