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Australia-gas-transmissionWhen it comes to electricity supply, Victoria is home to the second-largest market in Australia. Electricity is provided to 2.1 million homes and 300,000 businesses throughout the state through five different electricity distributors, who are responsible for maintaining various regions of the electricity network state-wide.

The good news is that VIC is the only Australian state that has a completely deregulated energy market, so power companies have the freedom to set their own prices for gas and electricity in Melbourne. Nonetheless, power retailers in Melbourne still must submit their pricing packages to the government for approval to ensure fair prices and healthy competition in the energy marketplace.

As a customer, this means that you have freedom of choice to find cheaper rates for gas and electricity in Melbourne today. If you are unhappy with the current prices that you pay for power, then look no further than our convenient, accurate electricity comparison service.

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How to Find Lower Prices on Gas and Electricity in Melbourne

The amount that you pay for electricity in Melbourne is based on a fixed supply charge, tallied at cents per day. This is added to a basic usage charge billed per kilowatt hour of electricity that is used, or as cents per kilowatt hour.

Although homeowners in Melbourne may receive electricity from the same supplier, each of the five electricity distributors in Victoria will offer a different pricing structure. This means that one homeowner may pay drastically different rates than another who has made the switch to get a cheaper price on gas and electricity.

The prices in electricity retailers in Victoria will vary due to costs needed to operate and maintain the electricity network. Additionally, factors like the age and size of a company, as well as the population density of a service area, will cause the base price for electricity to rise or fall accordingly.

Compared to the rest of the world, Australia has access to abundant natural resources to create a thriving gas industry. According to the Australian Pipeline Industry Association Limited, out of the 33,000 km of high-pressure steel pipelines throughout Australia, more than 25,000 km are used for the transmission of natural gas.

Homeowners in Australia pay dramatically lower prices than many other developed countries for natural gas. Even cheaper prices could be available to you if you compare leading gas retailers near you to find lower rates on electricity and gas today!

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