Cheap Electricity Rates Australia

Cheapest Electricity Rates Australia

Australians everywhere are looking for the cheapest electricity rates and can you blame them? Historically, electricity prices have been rife with uncertainty across the nation and there appears to be no end in sight. In fact, according to a recently released report from the Power Technology, Australians are hit with some of the highest residential electricity rates in the world – particularly consumers in the Eastern states of Australia!

The cost of electricity varies state to state across Australia. While the energy industry is overseen by various energy regulators to ensure fair and competitive pricing, each region within the National Energy Market has different prices for their gas and electricity. Fluctuating generation and distribution costs means energy prices are constantly changing. You may have been on the cheapest electricity plan in your area 12 months ago, but if you haven’t called Electricity Wizard recently to check on the current market, you might be missing out on a better deal.

When comparing electricity plans it’s important to make sure there are no hidden fees, like extra charges for credit card payments or paper bills. Consider if you want a plan with a pay on time bonus discount or bundled deals. You might even find you save extra money by choosing a company with a rewards program for extra retail shopping discounts.

If you are comparing companies by looking at advertised discounts, it’s important to compare the actual kilowatt hour rate you will pay. By only comparing discounts and not comparing usage rates and supply charges you risk signing up for a more expensive offer.

Which Company has the Cheapest Electricity Rates?

The price of electricity varies throughout the National Energy Market in Australia’s eastern states. Residential and business rates can be anywhere between less than 20 c/kWh and up to 40 c/kWh, depending on your tariff structure. Over the past several years, a number of tariff tracking projects and national electricity pricing inquiries have monitored the increasing cost of electricity. They have found that huge savings are available to those customers that switch from standing electricity offers, to a competitive market offer.

If you want to take advantage of a more competitive rate package, that better meets the needs of your household; Electricity Wizard can help you compare and switch to cheaper electricity rates in a matter of minutes. Simply enter your information in the form below or call us directly on 1300 763 845 to speak to a live energy expert who is trained to help you.

Comparing and switching to a company with cheaper electricity rates has never been so easy!

Paying too much to Electricity Distributors?

Still, many households in Australia believe that these new charges to build electricity infrastructures are overestimated and they believe the added costs are higher than necessary on their quarterly electricity bills.

The government continues to try and encourage Australians to conserve energy, with an increase in renewable energy programs and incentives. Yet again, these programs cost money and are adding roughly 3% to household electricity charges coast-to-coast.

You can take action and gain control of fluctuating electricity prices today by taking two important steps:

  1. Compare your electricity rates to make sure that you are using an electricity retailer that’s competitive for you – No exceptions!
  2. Enquire about your electricity tariff, in order to determine if using electricity primarily in off-peak periods will reduce the cost of your bills.

While there is little that can be done on an individual level about these predicted year-on-year electricity price rises, you could save money today by comparing and switching electricity retailers.

How to get the Best Electricity Discounts

Regularly comparing the range of discounted plans on offer, is one of the key ways to ensure that you are getting the best price on your electricity and gas. Market offers and discounts change regularly. It’s important to stay up to date with varying discounts and be prepared to switch to the company with the best price for you.

Electricity Wizard maintains an up-to-date database of electricity plans, that includes unconditional discounts – this means that you’ll be guaranteed that discount no matter what! When you call us, we can let you know which company on our panel has the cheapest rates as well as the best bonus discounts. Our comparison includes a range of variables, so you know which company has the best rates & benefits for you.

Electricity prices not only vary from state to state, but also between distribution regions. Electricity users in Sydney who are in the Ausgrid network have a very different rate and tariff structure than electricity customers in Melbourne in the Powercor Australia network. While we’ve all heard about increasing electricity prices, some states are being hit harder than others. Electricity customers in Adelaide and greater South Australia have some of the highest electricity rates in the developed world. Finding cheap electricity rates can be a challenge!

With hundreds of dollars in potential yearly savings, it’s so important for families and business owners to find the best deal for their energy. Don’t be put off thinking that you’ll need to spend hours phoning around and comparing plans and rates with all of the different electricity retailers. Electricity Wizard can let you know in just one 5 minute phone call if you can improve how much you’re paying for you bills. If you’re paying too much, we can find out through our comparison which discounts you should be getting and tell you which companies have the cheaper rates.

When comparing electricity rates and plans, make sure you look at both the kilowatt hour usage rate and the daily supply charge. Every electricity company in Australia charges both the usage consumption rate and supply fee, so you need to add up both costs. On top of those base rates, you then add in any relevant discounts, such as pay on time, direct debit or other discount options. Understanding how to read your electricity bill is essential when it comes to comparing to find the cheapest rates.

Cheap Business Electricity

Business users can’t afford to keep paying expensive electricity rates. Reduce your overheads with cheap electricity for your business. Electricity Wizard can help you find a better company for business electricity for small, medium, and some larger business energy users from our panel of providers. We can find you cheap rates on electricity to reduce your business costs, or help connect you with an electricity company that specialises in real-time power management, in order to give you more control over the block rates your business pays.

Electricity Wizard can conduct a business electricity comparison with your individual needs in mind. We’ll help you to find cheaper electricity for your small business or multi-site organisation.

How to Get the Cheapest Electricity Rates in Australia Today

Do you want to know who has the cheaper electricity and gas in your region? Just grab a copy of a recent electricity bill and call us on 1300 763 708. You don’t need to spend hours comparing prices and looking for bonus discount offers. We’ll check to see what rebates or bonus offers you are eligible for. We’ll also check your current plan and prices, find out how you use your electricity and see which companies and plans will best suit your home or business. Stop paying too much for your energy! Take advantage of our accurate, state-of-the-art electricity comparison service and find cheaper electricity prices in your area today!

Electricity Wizard has already helped over 1 Million Australians to compare energy retailers. We have access to competitively priced packages from leading electricity & gas retailers. If you haven’t compared your electricity rates in the last 12 months to find cheaper electricity prices in your area, you could be wasting money every time you pay your monthly or quarterly electricity bill.

If you’re sick of paying far too much on your electricity bills, Electricity Wizard can help. We’ll give you a fast quote at no obligation to you when you input your information in the form below, or alternatively give one of our energy experts a call on 1300 557 701 during business hours.

That’s right – the cheapest electricity rates for you on our panel can be yours in less than 5 minutes. Electricity Wizard will help you to save on your electricity and gas bills. Many have massively reduced their annual energy bills.

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